Battle of Thermopylae

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Battle of Thermopylae


There are a number of reasons why most players participate in games on Thermopyle maps:

- The single choke point makes for a simple game plan.
- The single choke point and long canyon telegraphs an attack so that players, not only know where the raid will be, but also the direction it will come from.
- Players relative skillz are nutrailized by build restrictions... rules are like No air, hills, nuke, LRC, tele and sat. Of course these restrictions reduce the attack options to only face to face groundwar. Also players soon realise they don't need the remember to build defense against those options that can't be deployed. Therefore no need for nuke defense, air defense, early shields and point defense on the rear of base and so on. This allows new players to mix it with Pros, having a new player on the team does not mean certain defeat
- Players like to test 'End Game' scenarios with T3 defense and T4 attack.
- Sometimes people just want to chill on a cool map. Thermo is always fun if the host is cruisy and players follow the rules.
- Players could use this map to practice team commander skillz in the canyon, establishing a stealthed front line. (Note: ensure 'AIx Omni' is OFF for should normally be on for most TeamPlayAI games.)
- There are many players that say they hate Thermo style maps... but they play because it is the only small, fast running game available to join. They hate a slow-running Setons even more.

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